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Automatic tool measuring L-Pro V

Here you find information about new products of image processing in tool measurement, digital readouts, counter cards, USB counters and related components.

Image processing with L-Pro V

In december 2010 the image processing technologyof the L-ProIVwas ported to a PC version called "L-ProV".

In the field of tool measurement systems and shaft measurement systems this unit combines all positive features of our stand-alone system L-Pro IV with the flexibility of a PC.

All necessary components for the vision system,such ascameras and lighting, as well as linear or rotary encodersare connected via themulti function counterMFC101to a single USB port of thePC.

Connecting box / Multi function counter for L-Pro V

The imageprocessing program of L-Pro V provides the same user friendly interface as L-Pro IV.

Please contact us for more information.

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