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Digital readout Sirius IV

Sirius IV 

  • Bright 12,1" TFT colour monitor
  • Compact housing, optionally in grey white or black
  • USB ports for printer, external memory, mouse and external keypad
  • Easy to use menu control by integral touch screen keypad or mouse
  • Data transfer via serial port (RS232) or ethernet
  • Integral touch screen keypad
  • Integral counter analysis for three signal inputs with 1 Vpp or TTL signals, optionally for 11 µApp signals
  • Fail-safe memory for tool reference points (adapters) and tools
  • Post processor function (optional)

Digital readout unit for 3 axes

The measuring values for the axes to be displayed on the TFT colour monitor are analysed by incremental encoders with 1 Vpp or TTL signals. Optionally there are versions for encoders with 11 µApp available. During reference analysis encoded scales are detected too.

Up to 99 tool reference points can be saved in the Sirius IV and in such a way that they are fail-safe.

In addition, the Sirius IV has a memory for up to 1000 tools . For this, the tool ID number, the tool name, the used reference point and the tool-set dimensions are stored.

The digital readout unit features all the standard display modes that can be selected for each axis individually.

  • Absolute display mode
  • Increment selection to set the axis display to zero
  • Switching from radius to diameter
  • Measuring value hold function
  • Switching from mm to inches

Special features

Post processor (optional): Withthis function, a  measurement series can be transferred in control-specific output format for any saved post processor.

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Sirius IV Digital readout Sirius IV
Post processor function
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Technical data (PDF)
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