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Digital readout Orion II

Digital readout Orion II

  • Counter analysis for two signal inputs, 11 µApp, 1 Vpp or TTL signals as an option
  • Metal housing in grey white or black
  • Max. interpolation factor 20
  • Fail-safe memory for 99 tool reference points (adapters)
  • Two serial RS232 ports and one USB port
  • Measuring and calculation values can be printed on labels or as lists
  • Radius and angle calculations from up to 10 points

Digital readout unit for 2 axes

The measuring values for the two axes to be displayed on the green 7-segment display are analysed by incremental encoders. There are versions for encoders with 11 µApp, 1 Vpp or TTL available. During reference analysis encoded scales are detected too.

Up to 99 tool reference points can be saved in the Orion II and in such a way that they are fail-safe. The axis description, the measuring unit, the count direction, a reference measurement and an adapter measurement are saved.

With standard linear encoders with 20 µm interpolation constant a resolution of 1 µm is achieved. The digital readout unit features all the standard display modes that can be selected for each axis individually.

  • Absolute display mode
  • Increment selection to set the axis display to zero
  • Switching from radius to diameter
  • Measuring value hold function
  • Switching from mm to inches (for both axes at the same time)

Special features

Geometric calculation functions enable additional profile contour measurements to be made.

Radius: A circle's centre co-ordinates and radius are calculated from 3 - 10 measuring points.

Angle:  The angles on a edge or straight line can be determined from 2 - 10 measuring points.

The measuring data can be output to a printer or any other peripheral device via the standard serial RS232 port or USB port. The data is transferred by pressing the PRT key or by sending an STX request (RS232 only) from a connected computer.

The Orion II can print labels and lists. The distance between labels, left margin and page length can be set individually. As well as measuring data or parameters determined using the calculation programs, the tool reference, the T No. and the operating mode are also output. A label looks like this:

#99 T-Nr. 12345678
X:-123.4567mm Abs Dia
Y: 123.4567mm Incr Dia

Order designations

Article Designation
Orion II (11 µApp) Orion II-I
Orion II (1 Vpp) Orion II-U
Orion II (TTL) Orion II-TTL


Technische Daten (PDF)
Technical data (PDF)
Caractéristiques techniques (PDF)

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