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Counter card ZP051-20

Counter card ZP051-20

  • Resolution greater than 0.1 µm with 20 µm linear encoder signal period
  • Fast counter stop function for each channel separately
  • Counter analysis for three signal inputs, 11 µApp, 1 Vpp or TTL signals as an option
  • Windows-based WinMy demo and application software
  • Ideal for position and co-ordinate measuring systems and linear drive technology


The ZP051-20 counter card connects incremental linear and rotary encoders directly to the PC. The card is designed for the PCI bus and has three counter channels that analyse the reference signals accordingly.

The integral interpolation electronics device divides the encoder's signal period into 256 increments. With standard linear encoders with a 20µm interpolation constant a resolution greater than 0.1 µm is achieved.

Amplitudes and frequencies of the counter card's input signals are monitored. If signals are no longer analysed properly because the encoder electronics are dirty or the encoder is moved too quickly, an error bit is set that can be processed by the application software.

With measuring and automation technology using incremental encoders it is often necessary to determine the exact counter value when a position defined by the system is reached, for example when measuring a workpiece using edge scanners. For these applications stop signals can fed into the counter card for each channel separately using the 20 pin shrouded header on the PCB. The stop signals are analysed in real-time and the corresponding counter value is buffered by the hardware.

Using the ZA101 counter adapter card the ZA101 counter adapter card (optional) opto-decoupled stop signals can be fed into the ZP051-20 counter card for each channel separately. The stop signals are also analysed in real-time and the corresponding counter value is buffered by the hardware.

The ZP051-20 counter card is suitable for PC-controlled positioning systems and length gauge systems with high-resolution translation and rotary encoders. As several cards can be installed in one PC, the card is also ideal for multi-point measuring systems with incremental scanners often used for measuring waves.

Driver and application software

The included drivers for all current Windows operating systems enables you to integrate the counter card into your own applications easily. Therefore it also particularly well suited as an OEM product.

The Windows-based WinMy software enables you to start measuring immediately using incremental linear and rotary encoders.

The program can display absolute, differential and incremental measurements. The measuring data can be saved in a file and is thus available for subsequent processing.

Order designations

Article Designation
ZP051-20 (11 µApp) ZP051-20-I
ZP051-20 (1 Vpp) ZP051-20-U
ZP051-20 (TTL) ZP051-20-TTL
Demo software WinMy WinMy


Technische Daten (PDF)
Technical data (PDF)
Caractéristiques techniques (PDF)

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