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Counter adapter card ZA101

Counter adapter card ZA101

  • One mesasuring system input using a 9 pin Sub-D socket strip.
  • Three opto-decoupled stop signal inputs using a 9 pin Sub-D connector strip.
  • Direct connection to the ZP051-20 counter card using the 20 pin flat ribbon cable supplied.


The ZA101 counter adapter card is an extension card for the ZP051-20 counter card.

The counter adapter card can be used to connect a third measuring system and three opto-decoupled stop signals to the ZP051-20 counter card. This can be done quickly and securely on the back of the PC housing.

Using the 9 pin Sub-D connector strip on the ZA101 counter adapter card bracket an opto-decoupled stop signal can be fed into the ZP051-20 counter card for each channel separately.

The incoming stop signals are analysed by the counter card's hardware in real-time and the current counter value is buffered. It is then available for further processing by the application software. Processing of the continuous counter values remains unaffected by this.

The counter card's third measuring system input can be used via the 9 pin Sub-D socket strip on the counter adapter card bracket..


The counter adapter card is installed into the PC right next to the ZP051-20 counter card. The illustration below shows how the two cards are connected.

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Counter adapter card ZA101 ZA101


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