Measurement technology - Heilig + Schwab

Years of experience


The company was established by Guenter Heilig and Erich Schwab in Boos in west-centralGermany. From the start, we dedicate ourselves to the development and production of devices for industrial measurement, automation and control technology.


We include digital readouts for the length measurement and determination of the position in our portfolio. Interfaces for external control and data output to peripheral devices are part of the equipment.


Heilig & Schwab moves into the new company building in Sobernheim, now Bad Sobernheim.


The image processing finds its way into our systems. For the development and implementation of systems for automatic tool measurement, we develop programs for image analysis and the necessary hardware components such as CCD cameras, frame grabbers, motor drivers and counter modules for VME-bus systems. We are one of the pioneers of industrial image processing in the field of tool measurement.


We constantly develop the systems for automatic tool measurement. New customized components for the PC platform and the Windows operating system complete our product range.


We introduce new, stand-alone image processing systems with different sized screens. These systems are very easy to use and are also characterized by their robustness and simple implementation. Now in the fourth generation these systems have all the features that are imposed on modern, user-friendly measuring systems. They are all equipped with touch screen and can be integrated into the company's network structure.

Our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Co-founder Erich Schwab retires and transfers his part of the management to his son Axel Schwab, who had already taken over the responsibility for certifying the quality management system in 1997.


Co-founder Guenter Heilig passes his position of managing director to the employees Juergen Bergauer and Joerg Heidrich. Together with Axel Schwab they will lead the company in the second generation.


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